Saturday, July 2, 2011

Is Cody Simpson The Next JB?

Cody Simpson....

some hate and some like.i actually like cody.his new song On My Mind is mind blowing.hes not copying justin neither justin copying him.its just a coincidence.Examples of their differences...

1.justin can dance naturally                cody cannot
2.justin has his hair naturally               cody use hair spray
3.justin's canadian                              cody's aussie

thats some of their differences.even my friend looks like cody.a lot of people said that but hes still dun believe it.
in your point,who you think is more appealing? cody or jb

Jelena! Hate It or Love It

Jelena.the hottest topic of all.the question is u guys SUPPORT it or HATE it.for me i SUPPORT it cause theres no point why to hate.but i sometimes hate it cause it change JUSTIN.hes also took SELENA from my advise is dont hate them.SUPPORT them is better than hate.Nobodys perfect. =)


OMB.its been like months since i last post any story.cause i've been busy preparing for my exam and the most must do list of a belieber.ITS JUSTIN BIEBER CONCERT.damn..I went to his concert and it was awesane.i had a good time there.Fyi i was alone.i have no friends there.BUT i had a great time.The first song was LOVE Me,and the last is BABY.i'll upload some photos,check it out. MY WORLD TOUR.