Sunday, August 14, 2011

Month Of Patience

This month is the month of fasting,and its been 14 days.This month teaches us to be patience and watch our mouth.Plus my house has been renovating and theres a lot of noise and annoying sounds.Pisses me off.So i come off with a solution and that is listen to music using earphone.
Next month is the month of joy.Next month will get a lot of money and gonna eat a lot.Plus my brother is gettin married next month.I still want the JustBeat.Its so cool.If i get 8As in PMR i will get anything i want such as Iphone,Ipad and JustBeat.If i get into the 'asrama' i will get a laptop.See ya next time.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Is Cody Simpson The Next JB?

Cody Simpson....

some hate and some like.i actually like cody.his new song On My Mind is mind blowing.hes not copying justin neither justin copying him.its just a coincidence.Examples of their differences...

1.justin can dance naturally                cody cannot
2.justin has his hair naturally               cody use hair spray
3.justin's canadian                              cody's aussie

thats some of their differences.even my friend looks like cody.a lot of people said that but hes still dun believe it.
in your point,who you think is more appealing? cody or jb

Jelena! Hate It or Love It

Jelena.the hottest topic of all.the question is u guys SUPPORT it or HATE it.for me i SUPPORT it cause theres no point why to hate.but i sometimes hate it cause it change JUSTIN.hes also took SELENA from my advise is dont hate them.SUPPORT them is better than hate.Nobodys perfect. =)


OMB.its been like months since i last post any story.cause i've been busy preparing for my exam and the most must do list of a belieber.ITS JUSTIN BIEBER CONCERT.damn..I went to his concert and it was awesane.i had a good time there.Fyi i was alone.i have no friends there.BUT i had a great time.The first song was LOVE Me,and the last is BABY.i'll upload some photos,check it out. MY WORLD TOUR.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Pray For Japan

11.3.2011 was a dark days for entire Japan.They been hit by a huge tsunami caused by a 8.9 magnitude of earth quake.The tsunami hit the eastern of Japan,its SENDAI.Recently the news said that there's a leak at the nuclear center at Japan.Citizen being told that to stay inside their house.I also read an article that Eastern Japan shifted towards North America by about 13 feet.For more info  .Saito,Japan a village at Eastern Japan vanished.Nothing left there except for woods and things.they thought that they were safe there,actually there're not.For more info  .
And more sad photo  .

Japan Trip

Hey guys..
Its been a while since i'm bloging..I'm busy doing school things..
OK,.Related to the title,Japan Trip,theres studentS from TOMITA HIGH SCHOOL,JAPAN came to my school double last week.It was so fun(although dont have a real conversation with my partner).My partner name was Tomohito Arai.He's 17.His girlfriend name is Yuri.He plays basketball.He loves chicken.
I'm the first person to get partner.I was so scared that i would make any mistake.Then its my time to meet the japanese.When i arrived in front of him,he greeted me in MALAY.He said 'Selamat Pagi'.I was like ohhk.Then i greeted him aswell.After that no talking.Just silence between us.Then the speeches and performance and blah blah blah.Oh,did i tell u that he's the head student and he gave his speech.I was proud of it.
We when to the library cause they are so hot(condition not physical).And  blah blah blah..
Its time for gift session,i gave him a 'keris' and tell him a bit about it.He gave me a Yukata!!.I was like what the fish,u gave me a yukata(happy).Then take photo with him and farewell.
I shorten the story cause it will be boring if i tell all right??
Here's Photo TIMe..enjoy..

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Erm...My Bieber Day is about to end,i just want to share with all u guys hows my bieber day when on...
Me and my friends ride our own bicycle cycling around the neighbourhood,such fun..
Then we went to 'pasar malam'/night market/uptown cause its TUESDAY.Guess what!!i met @Natasha Amira there.Check it on her facebook account.I bought some snacks and drinks.A few of my friend wore PURPLE today.Really make me happy.Cause i'm happy,i treat them 'abc'.
On the night,we walked to the night market again(i had my shower ok).We had a GREAT night.During knight and day..(lol) still wearing PURPLE(different shirt ok)
Here's the prove of me not making fake story,its true ok.Enjoy....

This is me during the day..(i know that i'm not as handsome as jb)

This is my friend,Faries
Check him fb acc @Ahmad Faries

Dont be shy(Ammar)

He looks just like jb right??
And last but not least..
Me during knight ---v