Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Japan Trip

Hey guys..
Its been a while since i'm bloging..I'm busy doing school things..
OK,.Related to the title,Japan Trip,theres studentS from TOMITA HIGH SCHOOL,JAPAN came to my school double last week.It was so fun(although dont have a real conversation with my partner).My partner name was Tomohito Arai.He's 17.His girlfriend name is Yuri.He plays basketball.He loves chicken.
I'm the first person to get partner.I was so scared that i would make any mistake.Then its my time to meet the japanese.When i arrived in front of him,he greeted me in MALAY.He said 'Selamat Pagi'.I was like ohhk.Then i greeted him aswell.After that no talking.Just silence between us.Then the speeches and performance and blah blah blah.Oh,did i tell u that he's the head student and he gave his speech.I was proud of it.
We when to the library cause they are so hot(condition not physical).And  blah blah blah..
Its time for gift session,i gave him a 'keris' and tell him a bit about it.He gave me a Yukata!!.I was like what the fish,u gave me a yukata(happy).Then take photo with him and farewell.
I shorten the story cause it will be boring if i tell all right??
Here's Photo TIMe..enjoy..

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