Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Erm...My Bieber Day is about to end,i just want to share with all u guys hows my bieber day when on...
Me and my friends ride our own bicycle cycling around the neighbourhood,such fun..
Then we went to 'pasar malam'/night market/uptown cause its TUESDAY.Guess what!!i met @Natasha Amira there.Check it on her facebook account.I bought some snacks and drinks.A few of my friend wore PURPLE today.Really make me happy.Cause i'm happy,i treat them 'abc'.
On the night,we walked to the night market again(i had my shower ok).We had a GREAT night.During knight and day..(lol) still wearing PURPLE(different shirt ok)
Here's the prove of me not making fake story,its true ok.Enjoy....

This is me during the day..(i know that i'm not as handsome as jb)

This is my friend,Faries
Check him fb acc @Ahmad Faries

Dont be shy(Ammar)

He looks just like jb right??
And last but not least..
Me during knight ---v

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